What Jacksonville Homeowners Should Know About Termite Awareness Week

March 11, 2019

a large swarm of adult termites damaging jacksonville wood structure

When anything important enough happens in life, we mark it with a day or week, usually in the form of a holiday. Some of these holidays reflect happy occasions, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, and are a time of celebration when they come around. But others are meant to be a day of remembering for serious or sad events. In the case of Termite Awareness Week (March 11-17), it is to remember termites and the threat they pose to properties each year. It is not a time for celebration but a friendly reminder that termites are around, and that without proper protection, your property could be their next feeding ground.

Problems Termites Cause

Termites are wood-destroying pests. More specifically, termites are a colony pest that seeks out cellulose for survival. They most commonly find wood or materials such as cardboard, paper, etc. The biggest problem with termites, however, is not just how they destroy wood, but rather the manner at which they do so--silently. Because of how hidden termites remain while destroying the wood of structures, homeowners typically go months if not years without knowing termites are only a few feet away.

Things You Should Know About Termites

Termites cost U.S. home and business owners over 5 billion dollars each year.
Termite damage is not typically covered under homeowner's insurance policies.
Termites never sleep, they are constantly building, constantly reproducing, and constantly destroying when inside homes.
Some termite queens can lay up to 15-25 eggs a minute. This can multiply an infestation quickly.
An estimate has been done that if you were to put every termite on earth on a scale at the same time, they would weigh a considerable amount more than every human.

Why DIY Often Falls Short

How do you fight a pest you cannot see? It’s not easy, we will tell you that... unless you have the tools and training for the job. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not, and even if you think you have found a product that will take care of termites, there is no way to tell if it was 100% effective seeing that termites hide deep within your walls. On top of this, many pesticides can be dangerous, especially if used improperly. When it comes to termites, it is always safer and more effective to call the professionals.

Call The Professionals

If you are looking for a fast and reliable way to remove and keep termites out of your property, the professionals here at Lindsey Pest Services would like to lend a helping hand. Here at Lindsey, we use Sentricon® System with Always Active™, a proven termite control system used for both the White House and the Statue of Liberty! With those qualifications, you can be certain it will keep your home safe. If you would like to learn more about Sentricon® with Always Active™, give us a call today. We would be happy to set up your defense against termites.


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