What To Do If You Have A Flea Problem In Your Jacksonville Home 

November 20, 2020

They may be small, but they sure are mighty – perhaps a little too mighty for their own good! 

Flea problems are some of the most common household plagues of the Jacksonville area. Due to their small sizes and hard exoskeletons, it’s difficult to keep these pests away for long. Scratchy pets, flea dirt, and catching sight of small jumping bugs may alert you to their presence, although it may be nigh impossible for most homeowners to see fleas with the naked eye alone. 

a flea biting human skin

Since fleas are such a common pest problem in Jacksonville homes, many people assume they are nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, this is far from reality. Fleas are capable of spreading severe diseases to pets and people alike, some of which are devastating to the human immune system. A few of these diseases and parasites include:

  • Bubonic plague 
  • Murine typhus 
  • Tungiasis 
  • Tularemia 
  • Bartonellosis 
  • Tapeworm

If you suspect that your pets are carrying or have come into contact with other pets who may be carrying fleas, it will be important to bring them to a veterinarian right away.

Some Flea Prevention Tips For Jacksonville Homeowners

They may be hard to see with the naked eye, but there are some ways to 'see' and prevent flea activities before it gets too late.

  • Talk to your veterinarian about the kinds of topical flea treatments, oral, or spray medications available for your pet. 
  • Maintain your lawn regularly, taking care to mow grass, prune shrubs, and cut back greenery from the sides of the home. 
  • Look for ways to mitigate water buildup around the lawn and property, and be sure to reduce potholes, dips, lows, and other chronic puddling areas with dirt and other organic substances. 
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs at least once a week, ramping up the frequency with the number of pets in the home.

Even the best of defenses may contain loopholes, which is why professional pest control services should always be used in correspondence with home DIY methods. Get a better handle on what needs to be protected by scheduling a home inspection with Lindsey Pest Service today. 

Fetter Out Fleas With Fearless Services – Lindsey Pest Services!

Fleas are easily some of the most annoying pests in the Jacksonville area. Not only do they cause itching, hair loss, and severe illness in our pets, but they are completely capable of doing the same thing to human beings, too!  
The best form of flea protection comes from a collaborated effort between your vet and a group of pest control professionals. For homeowners in the Jacksonville area, this includes the outstanding team at Lindsey Pest Services, your local and family operated business bent on eliminating fleas from every home. 
With three program options ranking from Good, Better, to Best, our affordable treatments work fast to protect your furry friends (and humans too) from flea activity all season long. For homeowners with only one thing in mind, Lindsey Pest Services offer a One Time Pest Treatment program that covers your every flea concern. Enjoy 60 days flea-free guaranteed, with confidence that your pest problems are a thing of the past. 
Call the main office of Lindsey Pest Services now to inquire about the flea prevention program that will be right for you. For any additional comments, questions, or concerns, visit our team in person, or connect with us using the online contact form. Flea-free living starts with Lindsey Pest Services. Come see for yourself! 


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