What You Need To Know About Effective Flea Control In Jacksonville

July 10, 2020

We sometimes believe that larger insects are the pests we need to worry about the most, but these almost microscopic mayhem-bringers are sure to catch your attention – in the worst possible way.

a flea crawling in white pet hair

Fleas are some of the most rampant pests in the southern half of the United States. Attracted by the high populations and warm climate, these jumping insects are sure to show up within your home at some point or another. Arriving on the backs of you, your pets, or even your clothing, once they get into a house, it becomes increasingly difficult to escort fleas back out.
The general description of fleas is really only helpful for scientists and entomologists, as their forms are highly indiscriminate to the naked human eye. Measuring no more than 3 millimeters long, the common flea has a pear-shaped body with ridged exoskeleton layers running up and down the axis of its body. It is important to note that these insects are not capable of flight, and lack wings entirely. However, fleas still find a way to soar through the air by using their powerful legs to jump from host to host.
Fleas aren't just annoying hitchhikers for the unfortunate cat or dog who happens to pick some up. In fact, fleas can affect people too: in a very dangerous way. The flea is widely considered to be responsible for at least two major plagues in history, including the Black Death which wiped out over 60% of the Earth’s population. If fleas are anywhere in your home, you may be putting yourself and others in grave danger.

How Flea Infestations Get Started In Jacksonville Homes

Flea infestations start in a home innocuously enough. By finding their way indoors via pets, humans, or small crevices in the wall, fleas will continuously feed on a host for many months at a time. Therefore, flea infestations are not just for homes with pets.
To reduce your risk for flea exposure in your Jacksonville home, Lindsey Pest Services recommends the following prevention tips.

  • Get all pets, including indoor ones, treated for fleas and ticks. Speak with a trusted veterinarian about your options.

  • Keep the yard well maintained. This includes regularly cutting the grass, trimming hedges, and otherwise pruning back shrubbery, which may harbor more of these pests.

  • Keep wildlife vectors out of your lawn as often as possible. Removing standing water sources, birdseed or suet packets, and harborage zones to help to protect you from a seasonal influx of flea activity.

Worried that fleas may have already found a home inside your house? Schedule a free inspection through the reputable agents at Lindsey Pest Control today to start gaining a handle on ferocious fleas today.

Lindsey Pest Services – Your Professional Flea Exterminators

Fleas aren’t just tiny terrors for your beloved pets. These blood-sucking insects are household terrors for you, your family, and all visiting loved ones.
The best way to prevent fleas in your Jacksonville home is by taking a collaborative approach with your trusted vet and the pest control professionals at Lindsey Pest Services. Using a variety of holistic treatments, thoughtful insights, and affordable products, our trained pest experts are ready and waiting to restore your residential property to its former glory.
To speak with one of our helpful service agents, call your local Lindsey Pest Services of Jacksonville today. Interested in more advice or assistance regarding flea control in your residential home? Reach out to us on the web using an online contact form, or chat with us instantly using the text tool on our website. If it’s a treatment for fleas, Lindsey Pest Services has all you need!


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