Why Homeowners Must Take Carpenter Ants In Jacksonville Seriously

November 18, 2019

Carpenter ants are a species of large ants that create nesting galleries and tunnels in wooden structures. They are typically black, though they can also be red or tan. These nocturnal insects are only about ¼ to ½ inch in length; however, don’t let their size fool you. Carpenter ants can create a lot of damage on your Jacksonville property if you let them. The best way to identify carpenter ants is their size—much bigger than most other ant species. Here in Florida, the warm weather allows carpenter ants to stay active year-round.

a carpenter ant crawlong along a jacksonville florida property

Are Carpenter Ants Dangerous?

Some pests that invade Jacksonville homes and businesses are dangerous to your health, but carpenter ants are not one of them. These destructive ants don’t generally bite, they don’t spread diseases, and they try to avoid human contact as much as possible. Instead, the danger carpenter ants pose is to your Jacksonville property. When a carpenter ant colony invades your home or business, they immediately begin to tunnel through wooden structures on your property and create extensive nesting galleries. Over time, this will can cause damage to your structure and weaken the building as a whole.

How To Prevent Carpenter Ant Infestations

Preventing carpenter ant infestations is not easy, but there are a few ways you make your Jacksonville property less appealing to these destructive insects. Factors that may encourage carpenter ant activity around your home include:

  • Damp wood such as logs, stumps, or rotting fences
  • Available food sources such as open garbage cans, crumbs on your floors, and pet food
  • Easy entry points such as gaps in your foundation, crevices under doors, and cracks in your exterior walls

To make your property less appealing, the first thing you can do is remove the attractants listed above. Other ways to avoid carpenter ant infestations include:

  • Cutting thick brush away from your exterior walls
  • Keeping your lawn clutter-free
  • Installing door sweeps
  • Sweeping your floors
  • Storing food in plastic containers or the fridge
  • Cleaning behind heavy appliances

If you believe carpenter ants have infested your Jacksonville property, it’s essential to contact pest control professionals immediately. Here at Lindsey Pest Services, we have what you need to keep these year-round pests away from your home or business throughout every season.

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