Why Leave Wasp And Hornet Problems In Jacksonville To The Professionals At Lindsey

May 30, 2019

You are enjoying a nice, peaceful time in your Jacksonville backyard when you notice a hornet nearby. As you watch it hovering, another appears, then another... While one hornet may not be cause for concern, you know that many hornets this close in proximity is an indication that there is a nest nearby. Now you have a choice. Find and take care of it yourself or leave the problem to the professionals at Lindsey. Here’s why you should choose the latter.

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Sprays are Dangerous

Your first thought when discovering a wasp or hornet’s nest is probably to grab a big can of wasp spray and empty its contents onto the nest. This is a bad idea for several reasons.

  • In order to hit your target, you have to get very close to the nest. As soon as you begin to spray, the wasps or hornets are going to become aggressive as they try to protect their home. The odds are high that you will get stung, potentially multiple times.
  • Sprays often kill only some of the wasps or hornets, not the entire colony. This leaves you with the false belief that you’ve taken care of the problem when in fact the problem still exists.
  • Sprays can be dangerous for you, your family, and your pets. Anytime you work with chemicals, you stand the chance of using them incorrectly or in the wrong concentrations. This can cause health problems for you and the ones you love.
  • Sprays don’t only kill their intended target. Oftentimes beneficial insects, like honey bees and bumblebees, end up dying as a result of these treatments. Now more than ever we must work to protect these pollinators as their populations are dipping into dangerously low numbers.

2. Smoke is a Bad Idea

You may have heard that beekeepers will subdue bees with smoke before moving them. If you’re tempted to try this method, you should remember that beekeepers have a lot of experience in working with bees, and they also have protective clothing and special equipment.

Smoking a wasp or hornet’s nest on your own is asking for trouble. At the very least, you’ll end up getting stung as frightened wasps attack you to try to protect themselves. A worst-case scenario would be that your attempt to subdue the hornets ends with fire.

3. Other Methods Will Leave You With Painful Stings

DIY wasp nest removal methods abound, but most are bad ideas. Knocking the nest down will result in an angry swarm. Putting a bag around the nest and pulling it down may remove the nest, but the hornets will be able to sting right through the bag.

Why Leave Wasp and Hornet Problems in Jacksonville to the Professionals at Lindsey

If you’ve come to the conclusion that removing a wasp or hornet’s nest on your own is a bad idea, you might be wondering what to do instead. The answer is as simple as making a phone call. Lindsey Pest Services has trained pest control experts who not only have the know-how and equipment to safely remove nests but will also return to your property to ensure that no hornets or wasps were left behind to rebuild.

At Lindsey, we take our job seriously and we won’t rest until you’re satisfied. Give us a call to take care of your wasp or hornet problems.


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