Why Mosquito Season In Florida Lasts Almost Year-Round

September 28, 2018

While our northern counterparts are beginning to celebrate the end of mosquito season, here in Florida, we still have months to deal with these pesky backyard pests. Many Florida residents choose to live here due to the warm weather. Mosquitoes feel the same way! These cold-blooded pests thrive in climates of 80 degrees or higher. However, they can survive colder temperatures as well. If the temperature is about 50 degrees or warmer, these pests will remain active. Therefore, mosquitoes can still be problematic into October and even November!

mosquito on water

With such a long mosquito season, professional treatment and prevention can be a huge benefit for Florida homeowners. Mosquito treatment and prevention consists of the homeowner taking active steps to reduce mosquitoes on their property coupled with targeted spraying by a pest control professional to kill mosquitoes and their eggs in their breeding grounds.

Homeowners can:

  • Eliminate excess water collected in pails or buckets, wheelbarrows, or any items left outside that might fill with rainwater
  • Ensure that plant pots have proper drainage
  • Empty kiddie pools at the end of each day
  • Clean bird baths frequently
  • Keep the lawn trimmed short
  • Cut back any overgrowth around the property and in the landscaping
  • Clean out gutters and check that outside hoses and spigots aren’t leaking
  • Rake up and remove excess yard debris such as wet leaves
  • Plant mosquito-repelling flowers such as lavender, catnip, lemongrass, basil, marigolds and other aromatic plants and herbs

Your professional will:

  • Inspect your property for problem areas
  • Treat these problem areas such as landscaping, pond or wetland areas, around pools, and around the perimeter of the property
  • Come back on a regular schedule to continue to treat for mosquitoes
  • Offer tips and guidance for you to help reduce mosquito populations between visits

Nothing is foolproof in the treatment of mosquitoes and nothing will eliminate them completely. But careful property management to reduce standing water thus eliminating breeding grounds coupled with spraying their favorite landing and hiding spots can help tremendously. Mosquitoes don’t travel more than a couple hundred yards from where they hatched so if you can treat the areas where they like to breed, you have a good chance of significantly reducing the mosquito populations in your yard. It’s not too late to consider professional mosquito control. You can continue to enjoy your yard with fewer mosquitoes well into the fall with treatment from Lindsey Pest Services!


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