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german cockroach on bread

Why Are German Cockroaches In Jacksonville So Terrible?

January 29, 2021

Whether it be your home or business in Jacksonville, cockroaches don’t care. All these buggers want is a warm place to stay and access to food. Of all the roaches in America, the most common invader in the state of Florida is none other than the German Cockroach. ...

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a bed bug on sheets

How Bed Bugs Get Into Jacksonville Homes

January 11, 2021

Many don’t consider bed bugs a real problem. All they know is, if they ever let their clean homes drop to unsanitary levels, a horde of the pests will spontaneously appear in their beds and on their heads. ...

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ants in kitchen eating food crumbs

Four Simple Yet Effective Pest Prevention Tips For Jacksonville Property Owners

December 30, 2020

Jacksonville is a beautiful city, and everyone who visits says that we have a little bit of everything. One thing we don’t have any of, though, is cold weather. We may love the temperatures remaining warm year-round, but so do the pests. Most regions get a break from the pests in the winter as those who don’t find somewhere to hide before the first frost will typically die off. However, with pests trying to get into our homes relen...

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