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spider crawling up a step

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your Jacksonville Home

August 13, 2021

We all love living in Florida for the beautiful, diverse environment and wildlife, sandy beaches, and peaceful living. No matter where in Florida you live, however, it’s likely you have encountered unwelcome pests such as spiders in your home. Jacksonville’s humid climate may lead to pests seeking shelter in your home more often than in drier parts of the country. If you are worried about which pests may come into your Jacksonville...

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close up of bed bug on sheets

How To Tell If It's Bed Bugs In Your Jacksonville Home

August 6, 2021

Chances are, at one point or another, we have all considered or dealt with the nightmares of one of the most dreadful pests in the United States: the bed bug. While no one invites bed bugs into their home, this pest is quite common and extremely difficult to eradicate once it has infested your home thoroughly. For this reason, Lindsey Pest Services has put together a comprehensive collection of information on all things bed bugs, from identifi...

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a mosquito on the stem of a plant

How To Protect Yourself From Jacksonville's Mosquitoes

July 29, 2021

Mosquitoes will be after you until they’ve successfully bitten you and sucked your blood. You won’t be able to step onto a patio without these pests surrounding you. Sometimes, you won’t even see them. It will be obvious they’ve been in your space, though, as you’ll have welts on your skin that are itchy and red....

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a flea up close on dog hair

All The Ways Fleas Get Into Jacksonville, FL Homes

July 20, 2021

Being outside in nature is how many people relieve stress. Some might go for a hike, while others will listen to music on the grass. You can do lots of things, but you'll have to be prepared to battle bugs. Fleas are seemingly all over the place. Given how common they are, people tend to underestimate their potential harm....

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