How To Protect Yourself From Jacksonville's Mosquitoes

July 29, 2021

Mosquitoes will be after you until they’ve successfully bitten you and sucked your blood. You won’t be able to step onto a patio without these pests surrounding you. Sometimes, you won’t even see them. It will be obvious they’ve been in your space, though, as you’ll have welts on your skin that are itchy and red.

The greatest threat from mosquitoes is disease transmission. Since they target both animals and humans, it’s not far-fetched that you could become ill. Health experts call these bugs the most medically lethal in the world. They’re challenging to manage because they decay in natural settings. Find out how you can combat mosquitoes and what Lindsey Pest Services can do to assist in this effort in Jacksonville, FL. 

a mosquito on the stem of a plant

How Do Mosquitoes Function? What Are the Hazards?

“Little fly” is what the term mosquito translates to. It’s very applicable because the bugs are only 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long. Their scaly bodies are outlined with a pair of wings, pronounced noses, and fine legs. Blood is necessary for their egg production, so the females will be pursuing you. Water is pivotal, too, hence them frequently hovering over standing pools. Larvae specifically will withdraw organisms from it. Although it’s not a part of their procreation, mosquitoes eat up plenty of nectar as well. These critters will plague properties close to bodies of water or luxuriant greenery., lakes, swamps, and gardens. It’s suspected that there are 3,500 species on earth.

Cracks in foundations and open windows or doors are how mosquitoes end up in human dwellings. They will go to a quiet room that’s dark and has an avenue of moisture. Don’t be surprised if you see a group of them in the basement or laundry room. You might find a couple in closets too. An infestation is evident when this happens or when you consistently have bumps on your body.

You need to know the following about some of the diseases mosquitoes spread:

  • Chikungunya is incurable and leads to severe joint pain and fever.
  • Malaria triggers sweating and chills.
  • Dengue symptoms include rashes, fever, and nausea.    
  • Yellow Fever will cause intense liver, heart, and kidney issues.
  • Zika virus will result in congenital disabilities for 5% of infants.
  • West Nile virus has 80% of asymptomatic patients, but some will have fatal neurological responses.

How Can Mosquitoes Be Prevented?

You must be diligent with exterior care to ward off mosquitoes. The property cannot be conducive to their development and desires. Further, you’ll have to be more selective with your wardrobe and consumption choices. It’s possible to attract mosquitoes:

  • Burn candles that have essential oils, such as cedarwood and rosemary.  
  • Lay out mosquito traps; clean them regularly.
  • Regulate standing water by draining swimming areas and drying pet drinking bowls.
  • Trim grass and greenery often. Drain the yard properly and try not to overwater it.  
  • Discard organic debris and trash you find on the lawn.
  • Flush your gutters out on a routine basis.  
  • Avoid wearing dark colors, like black and blue, because mosquitoes can identify it quickly. Instead, put on bright fabrics.
  • Alcoholic beverages have an aroma that will emit from your pores and draw mosquitoes. Be careful ingesting it.
  • Be on alert when you’re near bodies of water. Go indoors at dusk when mosquitoes are active.

What Can Lindsey Pest Services Do About Mosquitoes?

Many popular independent methods for mosquito control have their limitations. Case in point, candles generate gases that lure the bugs in. Commercial products are often harmful. For safe and effective mosquito control options, contact us at Lindsey Pest Services. Our skilled technicians will use industrial-grade backpack sprayers and barrier and breeding site treatments. Get a free inspection when you call today!


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