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What Do Flies Look Like?

North America has more than 18,000 species of flies. Flies have extremely short lives, with most flies having a lifespan of about 21 days. They go through multiple shapes and stages during this brief period, including eggs, larvae, and flies. A baby fly is called a larva or maggot.

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Fruit Flies

Tiny flies with bright red eyes, they can transmit diseases to humans. They're oval-shaped, tan, and have both wings and an antenna. The fruit fly lives about nine days and feeds on decaying fruits and vegetables. They're also attracted to garbage.

a fruit fly on a blade of grass outside a home in jacksonville florida

House Flies

Relatively large flies, they live between two weeks and 25 days. House flies got their name because of their tendency to infest homes. House flies taste with their feet and look for sugar. House fly feet are ten million times more sensitive to sweets than human tongues. When they find food they want to eat, their tongues are used like straws to suck it up into their mouths. House flies feed on decaying matter and pet waste.

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Blow Flies

Maggot blow flies have a metallic appearance and mouthparts like hooks, while the adults have sponge-like mouthparts. The male blow fly has wispy hairs. Blow flies are attracted to dead animals and decaying meat, as well as plants that give off an odor similar to rotting flesh.

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When Are Flies Most Active?

Flies prefer temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees, making Jacksonville the perfect climate and are most active during the day. Flies become inactive at night or when temperatures are below 45 degrees and can be seen resting on ceilings or around poultry houses and other surfaces as they wait for the sun and temperatures to rise again.

What Attracts Flies?

Flies are attracted to a variety of odors and food sources that most of us find disgusting. Flies are attracted to everything from human and animal feces to rotting meat, overripe fruit, alcohol, spilled soda or juice, and even decaying animals. They can also be found near garbage as they search for their next meal.

Are Flies Dangerous?

Most people think of flies as an annoying house pest that we merely swat away and kill with a fly swatter. But when flies land on garbage, animal, or human waste and then carry those germs to our food preparation surfaces and the food itself - flies can transmit over 100 disease-causing bacteria. They may cause Tuberculosis, Dysentery, Diarrhea, food-borne illnesses, and Typhoid. Flies leave excrement and vomit on everything they eat and land on, making them potentially dangerous to human health.

How Do I Get Rid of Flies?

Complete fly elimination is typically not possible without professional service.  At Lindsey Pest Services, we provide thorough fly control services for both homes and businesses in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and throughout our service area. Contact us to discuss your pest problem.

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