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Tucked away neatly behind a blanket of lush greenery, rural landscapes, and the nearby beachfront, Hilliard is recognized as one of the best rural communities in the state by all who live and visit here. 
The pleasantly mild winters, coupled with high levels of humidity, flat elevations, and regular afternoon thundershowers, make Hilliard the place to be for home and business owners from all over the country. However, these ideal conditions for humans also make more than ideal habitats for the creatures we fear the most. From biting mosquitoes and jumping fleas to dangerous wildlife and destructive termites, no home can ever be adequately isolated from the risks of pest infestations unless a pest control plan is in place.
Springing into action is Lindsey Pest Services, Northeast Florida's experts on all things pest control. With more than ten thousand homes and two thousand businesses protected under our pest control plans, the residents of Hilliard are invited to find the perfect pest control plan for their home, business, or other property. Reach out to our office in Jacksonville, FL today by completing the contact form or calling during our service hours. We can't wait to begin serving you! 


Home Pest Control In Hilliard, FL

Lindsey Pest Services offers all Hilliard residents three unique plans to choose from for pest protection year-round.

  • The Good Plan helps homeowners to combat more than thirty common pests on a quarterly service schedule. 

  • The Better Plan takes the Good Plan a step further, providing spider web removal, wasp control, and rodent removal services during our four yearly visits. 

  • The Best Plan is the ultimate protection again Hilliard pests, adding on seasonal mosquito suppression, scorpion and stinging insect control, and fire ant management.

If you're ready to put your household under the powerful protection that Lindsey Pest Services can provide, get in contact with us immediately or chat with us online now. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Hilliard, FL

All of Lindsey Pest Management's commercial plans utilize a potent mix of Integrated Pest Management, flexible scheduling, accurate reporting, and holistic solutions that fit your needs. Serving dozens of industries, our technicians are highly trained and prepared to outfit your business for protection against pests of all kinds. Our servicing of various companies and industries has given us insight into your company's specific pest control needs. Some of the industries we service are:

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Foodservice buildings 

  • Retail or shopping plazas

To discover the commercial pest control plan that's right for you, call Lindsey Pest Services now. 


Guide To Minimizing Mosquito Exposure In Hilliard, FL

Mosquitoes are active nearly year-round here in the warm and sunny climate of the First Coast area. With large numbers of bugs and a high volume of available victims, receiving a mosquito bite is about as common to the Florida experience as it comes. 
Mosquitoes, however, are not a pest to be taken lightly. Spreading serious diseases such as the Zika virus, West Nile virus, and malaria, your exposure to mosquitoes should be kept as low as possible.
You can minimize your exposure to mosquitoes utilizing the following tips:

  • Wear long-sleeved clothing while outside, even if the temperature is warm. Be cautious when wearing thin or lightweight clothes such as leggings since many mosquitoes can still bite through these materials. 

  • Keep the lawn well maintained and cut short.

  • Remove or treat all standing water sources that can provide a place for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

Contact our main Jacksonville, FL office today to enroll your home in our seasonal mosquito suppression plan

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3 Things Everyone In Hilliard, FL Ought To Know About Termites 

Of all the different kinds of pest species that trouble homes throughout Hilliard, termites are perhaps the worst. Termites have a reputation for destruction and mayhem — and with good reason. Using their large mandibles and impeccable work ethic, termite colonies toil tirelessly to pursue food for their growing community, larvae, and queen. Food sources can range wildly between the different termite species, but one food is, above all others, a prime staple of their diets — wood. When termite alates are released from their colonies in the spring and swarm new areas to pursue fresh wood, new mature colonies can take as little as three years to become established. 
There are several important things that home and business owners in Hilliard should know about termites, including:

  • They cost homeowners around five billion dollars in damages per year. 

  • Three different termites are living in the Hilliard area: drywood, dampwood, and subterranean termites. 

  • Homeowners' insurance does not cover termite damage under most plans.

If you are concerned that you are or may soon be facing a termite infestation, reach out to the fast and efficient pest control professionals at Lindsey Pest Control today.

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How Effective Is DIY Bed Bug Control In Hilliard?

With all the pests we deal with in Hilliard, you may not think too much about bed bugs. After all, they are usually an issue only in dirty old motels and run-down apartments, right? While these are areas where bed bugs do thrive, they are also becoming a growing problem in homes, apartments, and commercial properties across the country. Bed bugs in your home can rob you of one of life’s biggest needs: sleep.

At Lindsey Pest Services, we understand how valuable a good night’s sleep is. We also know it can be impossible to fall asleep if you know you are going to wake up covered in itchy red bites. That is why we never recommend people try to handle a bed bug infestation on their own. We use some of the most advanced treatments available to eliminate these sleep-stealing pests. We check every corner and every dark place our experienced technicians know bed bugs like to hide. This allows us to develop a bed bug removal plan for your home that can get you back to sleeping pest-free in no time. 

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Rodent Control: Five Facts For Hilliard Homeowners

When you think of mice in Florida, the first one you think about is usually at a theme park in the middle of the state. While those mice are very friendly, real rodents that are living in nature are not. Having rodents in your home or on your property can introduce diseases, trigger allergic reactions, lead to destroyed property, and even cause fires and floods as rodents gnaw through live electrical wires or piping.

Rodents also breed very quickly, meaning a few in the basement can turn into a full-blown rodent infestation very quickly. With all the issues that come with rodents, the best rodent control method involves making sure they don’t get inside in the first place. Here are five tips about rodent control you may not have known:

  1. Rodents can sneak into your home through holes as small as dimes and cracks no wider than a pencil.
  2. Rodents are aggressive chewers, so it is important to use rodent-proof material like steel wool to screen vents and other openings.
  3. Storing food in airtight containers can help keep rodents away.
  4. Rodents need moisture, so leaking pipes and broken gutters can attract them.
  5. Once they get in, the best way to get them out is with professional help.

If you are facing a rodent problem or just want to make sure your home remains rodent-free, call us today and let us fix your rodent problem once and for all.

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Is Year-Round Wasp & Hornet Control Necessary In Hilliard?

If you have ever been stung by a wasp or hornet, you know how painful that experience can be, and you want to do everything you can to make sure it doesn’t ever happen again. And if you live somewhere it gets cold in the winter, you at least get a break during the chillier months. Here in Florida, our warm climate means stinging insects like wasps and hornets are a year-round concern.

At Lindsey Pest Services, we can take care of any wasp or hornet problem you are facing, no matter what time of year. We can safely remove nests from your property and help you take the steps to keep them from coming back. This means you can relax and enjoy your backyard all year without worrying about getting stung.

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The Best Way To Keep Your Hilliard Home Cockroach-Free

You turn the light on in the kitchen while looking for a late-night snack, and you see a little shadow dart across the floor and up the wall. You pretend it didn’t happen, but there is no ignoring it; you have a cockroach in your kitchen. Worse, you know that having one cockroach means there are most likely a lot more hidden somewhere in your home where you can’t see them.

It is bad enough knowing these pests are creeping around your home unseen. It is worse when you realize how dangerous they can be. Roaches can spread 33 different types of bacteria that are harmful to humans, as well as causing allergy and asthma symptoms to worsen.

As bad as cockroaches are, you want to keep them out. Here are a few tips to prevent roaches from getting into your home:

  • Deep clean your home, including less commonly cleaned areas such as backs of cabinets and behind appliances.
  • Remove areas of clutter that could provide a habitat for roaches.
  • Keep counters, sinks, and other areas commonly touched by food clean and free of crumbs.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Vacuum at least once a week.
  • Seal potential entry points for cockroaches.
  • Eliminate moisture issues in areas of your home, including basements, bathrooms, and crawlspace.
  • Run water in spare bathrooms to keep U-traps filled.

If you are dealing with an active roach infestation, don’t waste time. Call us immediately, and let us get these creepy and dangerous pests out of your home. 

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Five Mistakes Hilliard Homeowners Make To Attract Ants

As a Hilliard homeowner, you might be unknowingly inviting ant infestations with the following five common mistakes:

  • Neglecting proper food storage: You could quickly lure ants in if you leave out crumbs and spills throughout the day. The same goes for your pantry items; remember to store them in airtight containers that ants can't enter.
  • Not maintaining your yard: Overgrown vegetation and debris near your house can create nesting spots. We recommend taking the time to clean up your outdoor spaces throughout the year for optimal protection.
  • Disregarding leaks: Moisture issues can promote ant colonies that seek water sources to survive. Fix leaks as you find them, lower humidity levels throughout your house, and check that your gutters are clean and working correctly.
  • Disposing of trash improperly: Keeping garbage out in the open and not sealing bins will usually worsen the problem. Keep your trash cans closed and clean to avoid attracting pests.
  • Not sealing entry points: Ants are tiny. They can come through small gaps in your doors, windows, and foundation. Filling them is essential to make settling in more challenging for these invasive guests.

Proactively addressing these mistakes can minimize any problems. When you need additional help, Lindsey Pest Services can help with trusted and reliable ant control in Hilliard.

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How Casemaking Clothes Moths Damage Fabrics In Hilliard

Casemaking clothes moths can wreak havoc on your fabrics. Like many other pests, these destructive ones favor natural fibers like wool and silk. They damage them through their larvae, which create protective cases from the materials they feed on. They often blend with the fabric, providing them with protection and food.

Unfortunately, as the larvae move and feed within their cases, they graze on the fabric's surface, leaving behind a trail of destruction. In time, it will weaken it, causing it to become thin and prone to tears.

Our climate can exacerbate the issue. These moths thrive in warm and humid conditions, and you can make the problem worse with improper storage. If you rarely use your natural fiber clothing, you must put them away using proper protection to protect them from infestations.

To prevent casemaking clothes moth damage, we recommend regularly inspecting your clothes and textiles, storing them in airtight containers, and vacuuming storage areas frequently. If these destructive pests are an issue despite your best efforts, call Lindsey Pest Services to find solutions that work for you.

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How Hilliard Pet Owners Can Deter Fleas From Their Properties

You can take several steps to deter fleas and protect your pets.

First, maintaining regular grooming for your furry friends is crucial. Ask your veterinarian about flea-repelling shampoos, flea combs to help remove and prevent these biting pests, and topical and oral treatments.

Also, keeping your home clean is essential. Regularly vacuum your floors and carpets to remove flea eggs and larvae. Washing pet bedding in hot water can also eliminate fleas at various life cycle stages.

Third, remember yard maintenance. Regularly mowing and trimming vegetation can reduce flea populations by eliminating potential hiding spots.

And finally, some natural deterrents can be helpful. Planting flea-repelling herbs like lavender and mint can discourage fleas, and cedar wood chips can be an effective barrier.

If you suspect a flea infestation, contact us to learn more about our targeted treatments. We can help eradicate these biting pests and prevent future outbreaks to protect your loved ones year-round with safe and reliable flea control in Hilliard.

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Why Spiders In Hilliard Make Great Neighbors But Awful Roommates

Spiders can be great neighbors. They play a crucial role in controlling insect populations, help maintain a natural balance by preying on pests like mosquitoes and flies, and can reduce the need for chemical pest control.

Still, these arachnids can make awful roommates indoors. Their webs can accumulate dust and create an unkempt appearance, not to mention give you additional work to keep your home clean.

Multiple species could accidentally invade your personal space, which can be anything from startling to downright scary. Some spider bites, although rare, can lead to allergic reactions or require immediate medical help.

And because they can spread rapidly, you could go from having a few spiders here and there to dealing with an entire infestation.

As a Hilliard homeowner, you want to balance promoting a healthy environment while keeping pests out of your home. Allowing unwanted arachnids to thrive outdoors while minimizing their presence indoors is ideal.

Some of the best strategies include regular cleaning and sealing entry points to prevent spiders from entering your house. Controlling insect infestations is also paramount, as they attract spiders looking for food.

Whether you find spiders scary or just need to keep them outside where they belong, professional spider removal services are the best way to handle them safely and year-round. Call Lindsey Pest Services today to learn how you can appreciate spiders as helpful neighbors while taking measures to prevent their intrusion indoors.


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