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A Useful Wasp Prevention Guide For Your Jacksonville Yard

Apr 30, 2023

Wasps can be a serious problem in Jacksonville. Wasps are territorial and highly protective of their nests. They will deliver venomous stings if they feel threatened, and wasps will use swarming attacks when defending their nests. A single wasp sting can be very painful, but multiple wasp stings can potentially lead to hospitalization and life-threatening circumstances. DIY pest control efforts can lead to stings and are often ineffective in controlling wasp infestations.

If you need wasp pest control in Jacksonville, Lindsey Pest Services stands ready to help you. Call us today if you need help controlling wasps. We can help.

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Characteristics Of Common Wasps

Common wasps have black and yellow bodies, with black antennae and yellow legs. They have a narrow waist and very little hair. They grow up to approximately an inch long. They build their nests out of paper they manufacture by chewing wood pulp. They are attracted to lights at night, and although they are not overly aggressive when compared to some other types of wasps, they can be highly aggressive in the defense of their nest. Any contact with wasps that disturbs their nest will consistently provoke an aggressive response. 

If you need help with wasps, Lindsey Pest Services can help. Our seasoned professionals know how to get rid of wasps, and we can help prevent them from returning later.

Some Wasps Can Be Dangerously Aggressive

Some types of wasps are surprisingly docile. They don’t have an aggressive response when approached and will generally just fly away. Many types of wasps, however — including several of the types of wasps that will build a home on your property including paper wasps — can be very aggressive in the protection of their nests. These types of wasps have venomous stings, and many of them use swarming attacks to defend their nests. If one wasp decides that it needs to defend its nest it will quickly signal the other wasps, who will promptly join in. Where one wasp sting can be painful and uncomfortable, many wasp stings can potentially lead to severe reactions and potential hospitalization. 

If you have wasps in your yard it can be dangerous to try to remove them with DIY methods. Lindsey Pest Services professionals have extensive experience in dealing with wasps, and we can help you resolve wasp problems safely and effectively. We know how to control wasps, and we can help you control yours. 

Four Naturally Effective Wasp Prevention Tips

Wasp infestations can be serious, and it is better to avoid wasp infestations than to try to eliminate them once they’ve become established. In light of this, here are some wasp prevention tips to discourage wasps from coming around your property:

  1. Eliminate open garbage: Wasps love open garbage and the food it offers.
  2. Eliminate yard clutter: Wasps can find many housing opportunities in clutter.
  3. Seal your home: Wasps can exploit openings to build their homes.
  4. Inspect often: Wasps are vastly easier to address when nests are small.

These tips can help you discourage wasps, but wasps are resourceful and may still infest your property. When that happens, contact Lindsey Pest Services. We can help you eliminate your wasp problem. 

Contact Us For The Best Wasp Control For Your Yard

Wasp infestations can be tricky to get rid of and dangerous to try. Wasps can defend their nests with stinging swarms, and unfortunate individuals are admitted to the hospital every year due to the consequences of wasp stings. If you need wasp removal, Lindsey Pest Services knows what to do. Call us today, and let us help you get rid of wasps safely and effectively.

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