How You May Be Attracting Jacksonville Mosquitoes Without Knowing

Do you get attacked by mosquitoes every time you go out into your yard? Is it worse than this? Do you find that mosquitoes single you out no matter where you go? If so, you might be attractive to mosquitoes. Today, let's take a look at some of the ways you, and your Jacksonville yard, can be appealing to mosquitoes. Some of them may surprise you.

mosquito on skin

Ways You Might Attractive To Mosquitoes

Many factors can make you more attractive to mosquitoes than the person standing next to you. Let's break them down.

Carbon dioxide. If you are expelling more CO2, you will draw the attention of mosquitoes. This gas is one of the primary ways mosquitoes lock onto people from a distance. Mosquitoes have poor eyesight, but they can sense CO2 from several yards away.

Moisture. Mosquitoes are drawn to dampness, whether it is a damp leaf in your landscaping or sweat on your skin. If you tend to sweat more than others, you'll probably be bitten more than others.

Heat. Mosquitoes get a blood meal from warm-blooded mammals. When they sense CO2, they move in closer and begin to seek the warmth of a mammal's skin. If your temperature is warmer than the person next to you, you'll be more attractive… to mosquitoes. You might want to refrain from strenuous exercise outside, like playing volleyball at an outdoor gathering. Exercise increases your skin temperature, covers you with moisture, and makes you breathe out more CO2.

Dark colors. Since mosquitoes have poor eyesight, they must use the brightness of the sky to lock onto you. If you wear dark colors, you create a better silhouette and make it easier for mosquitoes to land on you.

Alcohol. Studies have shown that drinking even one beer will make you more attractive to mosquitoes. If you're going to be at an outdoor party, it might be a good idea to be the designated driver.

Chemicals. Some people can't help but be attractive to mosquitoes. Studies have shown that as many as four hundred chemical compounds are found on the skin of humans that can attract mosquitoes. If you have more mosquito-attracting chemicals, you may be out of luck. There's not much you can do about this.

Ways Your Yard Might Be Attractive To Mosquitoes

When mosquitoes come into your yard, some factors can cause them to want to hang out, reproduce, and hang out some more.

Standing water. Many mosquito species lay their eggs in stagnant water resources. If you have any puddles or containers in your yard, you'll give mosquitoes what they need to develop in your yard. One female can lay a hundred eggs at a time. It doesn't take long before you're being swarmed. Bear in mind that a mosquito can develop in an inch of water. This takes just over a week.

Moisture. A mosquito can dry out and die if it becomes too dry. When mosquitoes seek appropriate areas to live in, moisture is a strong factor. Moisture is one reason mosquitoes like to hang out in your landscaping. 

Vegetation. Mosquitoes need carbohydrates more than they need blood—well, sort of. Without blood, mosquitoes would cease to exist because it is connected to their ability to reproduce. But mosquitoes need carbohydrates for food. They get this sustenance from plant sap and nectar. If you have lots of plants, you're probably going to have lots of mosquitoes unless you have those plants routinely treated to repel and eliminate mosquitoes.

How To Get Your Backyard Back

If you're tired of being eaten by mosquitoes in your backyard, consider investing in seasonal mosquito control from Lindsey Pest Services. Our licensed service professionals apply mosquito barrier treatments and help resolve mosquito breeding sites on your property to prevent mosquitoes from developing. Since most of the mosquitoes that bite you in your backyard are mosquitoes that hatch in your backyard, this service can have a considerable impact. It's like getting your backyard back. If you have questions about the services we offer, or you'd like to schedule service for your Jacksonville area home, connect with us today. We can help.