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Trust The Locals For Pest Control In Jax Beach

Jacksonville Beach, FL, is a city most people dream of living in. Warm year-round, beautiful beaches, above-average schools, great restaurants, and plenty of options for nightlife - it's a fantastic city for young professionals and families alike. Jacksonville Beach is a resort city located on the beautiful coast of Northeastern Florida. While this city is mainly known for being a resort city, it is also home to many people and families who enjoy all that Florida living offers.

Not only does Jacksonville Beach have plenty of options for entertainment, but it also has plenty of pest problems. That is where our trained technicians at Lindsey Pest Services can help. We have been providing quality pest control to the Northeast Florida area since 1957. To protect the businesses and homes found in Jacksonville Beach from mosquitoes, termites, rodents, ants, spiders, and other pests that also live in this area of Florida, turn to the local pest control experts found at Lindsey Pest Services.

Whether you are looking to protect your commercial facility or home from being damaged by pests, the professionals at Lindsey Pest Services have the highly effective and eco-sound pest control services to do so. Don't just place a Band-Aid on your property's pest problems; put into place a comprehensive, long-term solution for pest problems with the help of Lindsey Pest Services!

Home Pest Control In Jacksonville Beach, FL

Lindsey Pest Services ' top priority is protecting our customers, their families, and their properties from insects and rodents. We not only eliminate pests, but we also use products that are safe for people and pets. You can feel confident about working with our locally owned pest control company. Moreover, we offer the Lindsey Pest Free Guarantee. If a covered pest returns in between service visits, we will come back to re-treat for free!

Learn more about our home pest control plans and pricing in Jacksonville Beach below or request an inspection today!

Commercial Pest Control In Jacksonville Beach, FL

Don’t try to tackle your business’s pest control needs on your own; partner with the commercial pest control experts found at Lindsey Pest Services. Our professionals have a deep understanding of the pests found in our area. They know how to successfully control and eliminate them in a manner that is both effective and eco-friendly.

​Pests that commonly invade Florida commercial establishments include ants, spiders, roaches, and bed bugs. Luckily these pests and others are no match for Lindsey’s customized pest elimination strategies. Let us help you implement a lasting, reliable, and eco-friendly pest control program for your Jacksonville Beach business.

 Mosquito Control In Jacksonville Beach, FL

Living in Jacksonville Beach can be great. The weather, the beaches, and the scenery all draw people here. However, anyone here knows about one major downside to living in the area: the mosquitoes. They can keep you inside and ruin the joy you feel being in your backyard. The good news is that there are some things you can do to control mosquitoes.

Mosquito larvae need water to develop, so you can do a lot to eliminate mosquitoes on your property by removing standing water. This includes looking at flowerpots, birdbaths, empty tires, and other areas holding water.

Just eliminating standing water may not be enough. If you have a mosquito problem on your property, call us, and we can help.

When you call us for Jacksonville Beach mosquito control, we will thoroughly inspect your property and deploy the best treatment options for your situation. These mosquito control methods include:

  • Identifying and recommending the elimination of areas of standing water that can facilitate mosquito breeding.

  • Treating common mosquito resting areas such as shrubbery, structures, and plants.

  • Use of a backpack sprayer to apply barrier treatment to foliage and structures that prevent mosquitoes from landing.

  • Eliminating mosquito eggs before they hatch to prevent population growth.

  • Repeating the process as necessary every six weeks to three months based on your specific needs.

    If you have a mosquito infestation at your Jacksonville Beach home or business, call us at Lindsey Pest Services.

Jacksonville Beach, FL Bed Bug Control

Professional bed bug treatments are the only sure way to completely eliminate bed bugs, and the team at Lindsey Pest Services has the expertise to exterminate adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs. 

Here's what property owners can expect when they call us for help getting rid of bed bugs:

  • A thorough bed bug inspection.

  • A customized treatment plan that could include steam, chemicals, and the use of our portable heat chamber.

  • A two-week follow-up to assess the situation and re-treat if necessary.

  • Additional follow-up services, as needed.

    We’ll issue a one-year bed bug guarantee to property owners who cooperate fully. To ensure bed bugs don’t re-infest during the that year, we’ll inspect the property every 45 days.

Reach out today if you’d like more information or to request a quote!

Jacksonville Beach, FL Termite Control

At Lindsey Pest Services, we offer termite treatments in Jacksonville Beach that not only address existing termite activity but also prevent new colonies from developing. Ideal for homes and businesses, our termite solution includes: 

  • A termite inspection to confirm the presence of termites, evaluate termite damage, and identify conducive conditions.

  • A precision injection termite treatment if these wood-destroying insects are already inside.

  • The installation of the Sentricon ® System, an outdoor termite baiting solution.  

    Because we're so confident in our termite control process, we'll also issue property owners $250,000 termite damage warranty. As part of our warranty, we'll stop by to inspect every three months to inspect for termites. 

In addition to our stand-alone termite control, we also offer a home pest control plan that covers termites as well as other house-infesting pests! Check out the plan features below.

Rodent Control In Jacksonville Beach, FL

Rats, mice, and other rodents are destructive pests that can damage property and jeopardize health. They also reproduce rapidly, which can result in a large infestation quickly. To help property owners that have found rodents in their homes or businesses, Lindsey Pest Services offers one-time and ongoing rodent control in Jacksonville Beach!

Our service starts with a thorough inspection of the structure and grounds to accurately identify the rodent species, assess the severity of the infestation, and locate conditions that are favorable to rodents. Based on our findings, we will then develop and implement a plan of action which may include:

  • Rodent trapping & removal.

  • Rodent monitoring using exterior bait stations.

  • Rodent exclusion.

  • Odor removal services.

  • Rodent clean-up services.

    If you've found mouse droppings in the pantry, rodent nests in the attic, or noticed other evidence of rodents, contact Lindsey Pest Services!

Spider Control In Jacksonville Beach, FL

Like other communities along the First Coast, Jacksonville Beach has its fair share of spiders. If you’re a homeowner who has found spider activity or spider webs in and around your home, contact the Lindsey Pest Service team today!

We offer pest treatments for a variety of spiders, including, but not limited to:

  • Black widow spiders

  • Brown recluse spiders

  • Garden spiders

  • Grass spiders

  • House spiders

    To find out how we can help you rid your home (or business) of spiders, complete our online form below or give us a call.

Ant Control In Jacksonville Beach, FL

Although most ants in our region are nuisance pests, most property owners prefer not to see them marching across the kitchen floor or building unsightly mounds in the yard. If you’re a property owner battling ants, contact Lindsey Pest Services!

We offer pest treatments for:

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