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Trust The Locals For Comprehensive Pest Control In Jax Beach

Jacksonville Beach is a resort city located on the beautiful coast of Northeastern Florida. While this city is mostly known for being a resort city, it is also home to many people and families who enjoy all that Florida living has to offer. To protect both the businesses and homes that are found in Jacksonville Beach from mosquitoes, termites, rodents, ants, spiders and other pests that also live in this area of Florida, turn to the local pest control experts found at Lindsey Pest Services. Whether you are looking to protect your commercial facility or home from being damaged by pests, the professionals at Lindsey Pest Services have the highly effective and eco-sound pest control services to do so. Don’t just place a Band-Aid on your property's pest problems, put into place a comprehensive, long-term solutions for pest problems with the help of Lindsey Pest Services!


Home Pest Control In Jacksonville Beach, Florida

To protect your Jacksonville Beach home from being invaded and damaged by common household pests, partner with the local pest control experts found at Lindsey Pest Services. Our professionals understand that each home we treat is unique, which is why we create customized pest solutions. Our home pest solutions utilize baiting techniques that combine a specific pest’s food sources with an insecticidal bait that successfully controls pest populations while also reducing or eliminating the need for pesticide sprays.

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Whether your home requires monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly pest control services, we can provide you with the services needed control and eliminate pests long into the future. For the specifics to controlling targeted pests like roaches, rodents, and ants, give us a call today at Lindsey Pest Services.

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Tips To Prevent Rodents In Jacksonville Beach, FL

Rodents are difficult to prevent from invading your Jacksonville Beach property because they want to live near people, they want to live near us and consume our food and water sources, they want to live in our climate controlled, safe homes. To stop these pests from choosing your Jacksonville Beach property to invade, our Northeast Florida pest control professionals offer the following rodent prevention tips:

  • Trim back overgrown vegetation near your home, which rodents will use as a place to live and hide in or to gain easy access to the exterior of your home.
  • Remove piles of sticks, grass, leaves and other debris from your property that rodents could live underneath.
  • Make sure that gutters are working properly to direct rainwater away from the outside of your home, and repair leaky faucets and fixtures both inside and outside of your home.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior walls and the foundation. 
  • Make sure that all exterior doors have door sweeps placed on them.
  • Keep clutter inside of your home to a minimum, and regularly vacuum and mop the floors of your home.
  • Make sure that food in your home is either being stored in the refrigerator or inside of plastic or glass containers with air-tight lids.

To learn more about the services we can provide to control and eliminate rodents from your Jacksonville Beach property, get in touch with us today at Lindsey Pest Services.


Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Jacksonville Beach, FL

Don’t try to tackle your business’s pest control needs on your own, partner with the commercial pest control experts found at Lindsey Pest Services. Our professionals have a deep understanding of the pests found in our area and they know how to successfully control and eliminate them in a manner that is both effective and eco-friendly.

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Pests that commonly invade Florida commercial establishments include ants, spiders, roaches, and bed bugs. Luckily these pests and others are no match for Lindsey’s customized pest elimination strategies. Let us help you put into place a lasting, reliable, and eco-friendly pest control program for your Jacksonville Beach business.

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How Termite Control Works In Jacksonville Beach, FL

Termites are a serious pest that requires serious termite control services and dedicated professionals to eliminate them from any Jacksonville Beach property that they have decided to invade.

By partnering with Lindsey Pest Services and our professionals that is exactly what you will receive: effective termite control services that are performed by highly trained and motivated pest control professionals. At Lindsey Pest Services, we offer a variety of termite control options for our Jacksonville Beach customers to choose from, including conventional treatments and baiting.

Termite baiting, which happens to be our most highly recommended method, eliminates and controls termites long into the future. Our baiting service utilizes the highly effective and eco-friendly Sentricon® System with Always Active™. To learn more about our termite control methods and how we can protect your structure from termites in Jacksonville Beach, please visit our termite control page or contact us!


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