The Dangers Bed Bugs Bring To Florida Homes And Businesses

Just the mention of bed bugs can inspire fear in most home or business owners here in Florida. It's no secret that these are tormenting pests that are extremely difficult to get rid of. In a home, they can cause serious disruption and even trauma. In a business, they have a wide-reaching impact. Let's take a look at a few of the dangers.

a bed bug in a home in jacksonville florida

General Dangers

Until recently, bed bugs were not connected to human-spread pathogens, but Penn State and other Universities did studies revealing that these frustrating bugs are more than a nuisance. They can make us very sick. One health threat of particular concern is their connection to Chagas disease, which can be fatal. While rare in the United States, it is a growing concern, especially in tropical regions of the country.

Even if bed bugs were never linked to diseases, their bites on the skin could lead to open wounds and secondary infections. And these pests leave a lot of bites. A single bed bug will feed multiple times in a night, and several bed bugs will come out simultaneously to feed. In one evening, it is possible to wake up with dozens of bites on your skin. And, since bed bugs are drawn to carbon dioxide, these bites can be on the face or neck, which can be quite disturbing for some people.

Bed Bugs In Residential Environments

When bed bugs get into a home, it can drive a family to act rashly, throwing out mattresses, box springs, and even beds, even though this rarely arrests a bed bug infestation. It can also lead to:

  • Disruption of work, school, and other important routines.

  • Friends or family avoiding your home.

  • A bad reputation with neighbors.

  • Psychological trauma.

  • Displacement and extermination costs.

Bed Bugs In Commercial Environments

When bugs get into a business, customers and employees notice, and a few bugs can cause as much of a stir as many bed bugs. This can lead to the following:

  • A decrease in customers.

  • Bad reviews left on social media.

  • A lawsuit.

  • Low employee morale.

  • An increase in employee sick days.

  • A loss in revenue from multiple factors.

  • Extermination costs.

DIY Bed Bugs Control

Many people turn to DIY control products to take care of bed bugs, but not only can this be costly, these products rarely work when administered by an untrained individual. Bed bugs are challenging to exterminate. This can lead some to take drastic measures, which can lead to damaged property and even a loss of human life. There are far too many stories of bed bug tragedies. Please don't take it upon yourself to try and control these bugs.

Even when DIY products seem to stop an infestation, bed bugs can just be hiding in wall voids and other secluded locations, waiting until it is safe to come out again. This can make it seem like bed bugs keep coming in when, the truth is, they were never exterminated in the first place.

Professional Bed Bug Control

There are many reasons to choose a pest management professional. Here are just a few of them:

  • Bed bug control is a science. The methods used to control them are designed by entomologists and pest control experts, and they take into consideration the natural behavior of these pests.

  • Professionals use industrial heat remediation equipment to ensure heat treatments are temperature-controlled and that heat radiates into the locations needed to eliminate all bed bugs present.

  • Professionals are trained in the proper application of EPA-approved chemicals and the methods that will achieve effective results. A qualified pest control technician also understands the danger of creating chemical-resistant bugs. If you've already used chemicals to exterminate your bugs, your technician will use steam, heat, and other techniques alongside chemical treatments and bed bug control products to resolve your problem.

  • Professionals know how to inspect and make sure those bugs are really gone.

If you live in the greater Jacksonville area and see bed bugs in your home or business, let the bed bug experts at Lindsey Pest Control effectively resolve your bed bug problem. For immediate assistance, contact us today.