What Jacksonville Homeowners Ought To Know About Blow Flies

Do you know what a blow fly is? Blow flies are those pretty, metallic-looking flies that buzz around your trash or an outside pet dish. They don't typically infest homes because they breed in rotting things that smell too bad to be inside. If you're seeing them inside your Jacksonville home, there are a few possible reasons why. We will explore those reasons today and discuss why you don't want these flies in your home.

blow fly in jacksonville home

Why Blow Flies Get In

A blow fly is far more comfortable in a cow field, breeding in, and feeding on, manure. They can also be found feeding on the open wounds of livestock or rotting food in food troughs and generally hanging out wherever there is decay. These are exceedingly disgusting flies. So why on earth would they be inside your home?

Access — You may have blow flies in your home because they're able to get in quickly. Damaged screens, holes created by wood-destroying pests, gaps in weatherstripping, gaps around pipes, and other openings can allow these flies into your home.

Lots Of Flies — If you have a lot of flies near your home or inside your garage, they can come right in through your door when you go inside. You may have a lot of flies in these areas because you may have open trash or some other attractant that is luring them to come in close.

Hidden Rot — You wouldn't put up with a smelly trash can inside your kitchen, but you might put up with a stinky trash can in an attic or storage room. Why? Because you can't easily smell it. Many other smelly things could be in your home. If you don't smell them, you probably won't do anything about them. There could be a piece of rotting fruit on the floor of a room you rarely go in. There could be sour milk in the bottom of a cooler that is in storage. There could be a dead rodent in your walls. If something is rotting in your home, blow flies may catch the scent and find a breeding site.

Tracking An Infestation

It is not good to have blow flies inside your home. When they start showing up, you must search for the source of the infestation. Blow flies can present a serious health threat to you and everyone living in your home. And they're not the only harmful pests that will be lured in by the strong scent of decay. Look (and smell) for breeding sites in locations like the following:

  • Garage storage areas.

  • Attic spaces.

  • Rarely used storage rooms.

  • An exterior storage room.

If you do an inspection and cannot locate the source, we strongly recommend contacting a licensed pest management professional. If you live in the Jacksonville area, Lindsey Pest Services is a good choice. We use industry-leading methods to locate blow flies and arrest infestations.

Why Blow Flies Are Bad

Blow flies pick up harmful microorganisms from rotting organic matter, feces, and open wounds. Then when they land on food, dishes, silverware, cutting boards, and other sensitive surfaces, they deposit these invisible organisms. This can lead to stomach illness and flu-like symptoms. Studies have found that a single fly can have hundreds of different bacteria species, many of which are harmful to humans. The legs and the wings of a blow fly are where the highest microbial diversity is found. Keep this in mind when you see a blow fly walking around on the bun of your hamburger.

The Best Solution For Blow Flies

Ongoing pest control service for your Jacksonville home is the best solution for all of the many pests that can threaten your health and your property. It pays to have routine inspections and routine treatments performed by a licensed pest management professional. Take a minute to look at our residential pest control offerings. We keep things simple. Choose between Good, Better, and Best pest control. But keep in mind that even our Good pest control service plan comes with coverage for over 30 common pests, including the management of blow fly populations. Reach out to us today to get started. We look forward to guiding you in finding the right pest control plan for your Jacksonville home.