Why Ant Infestations Are Best Left To The Professionals

According to the National Pest Management Association, there are more than 12,000 species of ants in the world. That's a lot of ants! So, it isn't surprising that homeowners have difficulty figuring out how to stop ant infestations. If you attempt to treat ants with a strategy that works for another type of ant, not only will your efforts fail, you could make your problem worse. Some ant colonies split when they perceive a threat, doubling or tripling your situation. Licensed pest control technicians know how to identify ants and apply appropriate treatments to eliminate them correctly. This is one crucial reason ant infestations should be left to the professionals. Here are more.

a carpenter ant outside a home in neptune beach florida

Different types of ants present various issues. We can break these down into four categories: ants that sting, ants that spread illness, ants that damage homes, and nuisance ants. Three of these are serious issues that a trained individual should address.

When it comes to stinging ants, fire ants are the worst. But fire ants aren't just a nuisance. Their stings can do serious harm to individuals who are allergic to their venom. And, for infants, the infirm, elderly, and others who can't get away from an angry mob of stinging fire ants, serious harm can be done.

Several ants can present a health threat to a family, but one ant rises above the rest. It is the pharaoh ant. If these ants invade your home, they can spread disease and contaminate your dishes, silverware, cutting boards, foods, and other sensitive items in your kitchen and pantry. These ants are a nightmare for hospitals, where sanitation is essential.

The worst ant of all is the ant you're most likely to ignore when you see it. Most ants inspire an immediate reaction because they come by the hundreds and even thousands, and, in the case of fire ants, they sting. Carpenter ants don't generally do either of these. You'll be lucky to see more than a few dozen of these ants in your yard and maybe one or two crawling around inside your home, and they don't sting. But you would do well to take notice of them. Carpenter ants can cause severe damage to a home over time because they nest in wood and do damage when they create tunnels and galleries.

How Pest Control Fits In

There are a lot of things we do to protect our equity. If we see broken or obstructed gutters, we fix them. If vinyl siding breaks or chips, we replace it. When plumbing leaks, we fix those leaks. These are all part of routine maintenance, which helps to make our homes last as long as possible. Carpenter ant control should be part of that regular maintenance. And regularly scheduled visits from a licensed professional can make sure you get the protection you need.
There are some things we do to our homes to improve our quality of life, such as trimming bushes and shrubs, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and watering flowers. When we do these things, spending time outside is more enjoyable. Control of fire ant mounds should be part of this routine maintenance. Nothing can ruin outdoor fun in your backyard the way fire ants can. Year-round pest control service keeps those fire ants at bay.
The health of a family is essential, and nothing can be more traumatizing than an unexpected medical crisis, which isn't covered by insurance. That is why most of us invest in some form of a health plan. When ants get into a home, and we don't see them or do anything about them, they can make us sick. Routine treatment performed around the perimeter of a home helps keep ants and over 30 other common pests out.
Ants can be a nuisance, but that isn't the reason to invest in year-round pest control protection. Pest control service is vital protection for your health, your happiness, and your home.
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