The Most Effective Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Jacksonville Yard

September 19, 2022

A mosquito would never be a problem if it feasted on vegetation instead of your blood, considering its size. But instead, these insects are notorious for spoiling outdoor events and activities with their biting behavior, resulting in sore or itchy bites. At Lindsey Pest Services, we recognize how badly mosquitoes can put a damper on any outdoor hobby. That’s why we offer the most advanced pest control in Jacksonville to eradicate them from around your property. Continue reading to learn more about these insects and how you can reduce your encounters with them.

mosquito on skin

Why Mosquitoes Are Important To The Environment

A world without mosquitoes may sound like a perfect environment in which to live. Still, shockingly, these annoying little insects play a much more significant role in the smooth running of our ecosystem than most people would imagine. Many would be surprised to discover that those bloodthirsty pests contribute to our environment in major ways. Mosquitoes are natural pollinators and eliminate waste, such as fungus and other microorganisms. They also safeguard our rainforests, keeping conditions unbearable for human development. And most importantly, mosquitoes aid in advancing medicine that can help prevent blood clots. So ironically, living in a place with no mosquitoes would cause more harm than good.

Why Mosquitoes Are A Major Health Risk For People

Mosquito bites often leave people with swollen, red, tender bumps. But these biting insects can leave you with more than just lumpy, irritated skin. Mosquitoes in Jacksonville have the potential to spread a variety of diseases that have caused several outbreaks in the United States in past years. Twelve types of mosquitoes are chiefly responsible for transmitting viruses that can make people very ill. Here are a few of those diseases:

  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus
  • Dengue
  • Zika virus
  • Yellow fever

The good news is that most people in the U.S. will not contract any diseases from mosquitoes. Still, those traveling abroad to specific regions with massive mosquito populations should always take extra precautions. To avoid as few insect bites as possible, try to limit your time outdoors during dusk and dawn, and use an insect repellent spray, preferably one containing DEET.

Five Naturally Effective Ways To Reduce Mosquitoes In Your Yard

In society, trends and fads seem to come and go, but the one that’s lasted throughout the years is the shift towards natural and holistic living. This pivot has inspired people to discard toxic household products and replace them with safer, environmentally-friendly alternatives. Even property owners are opting to deter pests by using natural remedies. Take a look at these five ways to reduce mosquito populations around your yard naturally and effectively:

  • Plant herbs or grow mosquito-repelling plants 
  • Reduce or remove any standing water on your property
  • Get rid of excess vegetation, like overgrown bushes
  • Scatter coffee grounds over stagnant water to kill mosquito larvae
  • Connect a drain to your planter boxes 

Also, consider moving some of your outdoor plants into your house. And be sure to contact your local pest control for mosquitoes in Jacksonville for further assistance with eliminating these pests.

The Trick To The Best Mosquito Control For Your Yard

You’ve installed those insect-repelling lights and left a few peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls around your yard. And even though those tactics seemed to provide some mosquito control measures, they still didn’t do enough to reduce their populations. Partnering with a professional exterminating company is the optimal choice to keep mosquitoes away from your property.

At Lindsey Pest Services, we deliver superior customer service to our residents in Jacksonville for all of their pest control needs. Our highly trained, seasoned technicians only dispense the best pesticide for mosquitoes around your property. Get in touch with us today so we can develop a customized treatment plan that meets your needs.


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