What Jacksonville Homeowners Should Know About Garden Spiders

April 20, 2021

Here in Jacksonville, there is no shortage of spiders that you might encounter in your everyday life. While some of these spiders are considered to be dangerous, others are simply nuisance pests. One spider that Jacksonville homeowners may encounter on their properties is the black and yellow garden spider. This spider will often live in or around gardens which means they come into contact with people quite frequently. As such, it is important for you to know just how dangerous black and yellow garden spiders can be. Furthermore, you should know what your options are should your Jacksonville property become overrun with garden spiders.

an orb weaver spider

What Do Black & Yellow Garden Spiders Look Like?

As you might have guessed, black and yellow garden spiders are predominantly black and yellow in color, with alternating yellow and black stripes running up their abdomens and orange and black stripes running up their eight long and slender legs. Yellow and black garden spiders are large spiders that can grow to be a couple of inches long including their legs. Black and yellow garden spiders are known by many names. Some of these names include golden orb-weavers, yellow garden orb-weavers, corn spider, and the writing spider. The orb-weaver moniker has to do with the orb-shaped webs that black and yellow garden spiders build. These orb-shaped webs serve both as their homes and a means by which to catch prey. 

Are Garden Spiders Dangerous?

Black and yellow garden spiders are prone to biting if they feel threatened, especially the females. If you disturb them in their webs, or if they feel otherwise threatened, there is a good chance they will bite you. Bites from black and yellow garden spiders can result in discomfort and mild swelling in the affected area. However, other than causing mild pain, bites from black and yellow garden spiders are not considered to be medically dangerous.

Do Garden Spiders Invade Homes?

Black and yellow garden spiders tend to remain outdoors, building their nests around gardens which can attract an abundance of prey. In fact, black and yellow garden spiders are quite beneficial animals as they keep the populations of a number of other pests from growing to be too large. While they typically spend most of their lives outside, black and yellow garden spiders have, on occasion, been known to enter into homes. This is typically due to there being lots of other insects inside upon which the spiders can feed. Therefore, if you find black and yellow garden spiders in your home, it is probably indicative of a larger pest problem. As such, taking basic pest prevention measures should help to keep black and yellow garden spiders out of your home. These measures include the proper storage of trash, proper food storage, keeping areas free of debris, keeping counters and floors clean, and addressing any moisture issues inside of the home. Moreover, sealing cracks in the foundation, installing door sweeps and weatherstripping around windows and exterior doors can also help to keep pests, black and yellow garden spiders included, out of your home. 

What To Do If Your Property Is Overrun With Garden Spiders?

If you seem to have an abundance of black and yellow garden spiders living on your Jacksonville property, contact the professionals here at Lindsey Pest Services right away for assistance. Not only will we address and spider infestations with which you are dealing, but if you opt for any of our ongoing pest treatment plans, we will ensure your Jacksonville property remains pest-free all year long. Don’t let spiders overrun your Jacksonville property. Give us a call today.


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