What Plants Can Help Deter Mosquitoes From My Jacksonville Home?

October 8, 2021

There has been a surge in recent years for more eco-friendly deterrents and remedies for pests as concern continues to grow for the welfare of our planet, and many people have been taking cues from more ancient forms of pest control. Early Egyptian civilizations started using essential oils for pest control, but for hundreds of years before that, civilizations also used predatory insects, controlled fires, crop pairing, and naturally deterrent plants. There are all kinds of plants that can repel pests, and some of them are perfect for keeping mosquitoes away from your Jacksonville property.

a mosquito biting human skin

Dangerous Mosquitoes Commonly Found In Jacksonville

Florida is home to dozens of different species of mosquitoes, but not all of them will bite humans. Every species has its preferences, and some are more likely to dine on feathery friends or furry mammals. In Jacksonville, there are only four species of mosquitoes that humans have to worry about:

  • Asian tiger mosquito
  • Yellow fever mosquito
  • Saltmarsh mosquito
  • Gallinipper mosquito

It's not common knowledge that mosquitoes don't primarily consume blood. Only the females require this parasitic meal for reproductive purposes, and both male and female mosquitoes dine on dew and plant juices to sate their hunger. This is why conscious gardening can be so practical; replacing enough shrubs and plants with mosquito-repellent foliage significantly reduces their feeding options.

Plant #1: Lemongrass

This unassuming patch of tall grass is excellent for landscaping accents, and it also has a delightfully sweet and earthy lemon aroma that mosquitoes hate. It can be grown outside to add a more rustic look around your patio and indoors inside a potted planter. As if that isn't enough, lemongrass is also edible and used in all kinds of dishes, teas, and herbal remedies.

Plant #2: Eucalyptus Trees

There are hundreds of different species of eucalyptus, from trees to bushes and shrubs, and they all bring their delightful accents to lawn and garden landscapes. This plant produces a very sharp, pungent menthol scent, great for clearing up sinuses and keeping mosquitoes out of your Jacksonville yard. Make sure to water and fertilize regularly, though; eucalyptus has a habit of depleting nutrients and moisture in the soil.

Plant #3: Lavender

Lavender bushes are a must-have for any garden and landscape because they have so much to offer. They're significant mosquito deterrents, even when not in bloom, and depending on the species, they can produce a floral or a sweet fruity scent when they're in season. Perfect for pollinators, potpourri, teas and lemonade, and even baked treats!

Plant #4: Citronella

The most widely used candles and torches for mosquito repellent are made with citronella oil, but they're less effective than you'd expect. Unless it's a perfectly calm day without even the slightest breeze, the sharp and almost acrid smell they produce just gets whisked away with the wind, rendering them practically useless. Citronella plants on their own are much more effective deterrents, and they create an earthy, almost floral smell.

Plant #5: Garlic

Unless you're extra enthusiastic about Italian cuisine, you might not consider garlic as a viable option for your Jacksonville garden. The results are undeniable, though, because mosquitoes hate the smell these plants release. It wouldn't hurt to try, and besides, who doesn't like a little extra garlic for their meals?

The Most Effective Mosquito Repellent In Jacksonville

Even though they're not venomous, mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on the planet. These pests cause over one million deaths annually by passing on pathogens such as Zika virus, yellow fever, West Nile virus, malaria, and Dengue fever. They don't all carry dangerous pathogens, but enough of them do, and with diseases like these, it's never worth the risk. If you're struggling with mosquitoes on your Jacksonville property, give Lindsey Pest Services a call.

Whether you have an active problem or you're looking for preventative treatments, our highly-trained pest professionals are here to help. We offer a wide variety of mosquito control treatment options, including elimination and prevention. We try to implement as many practical alternatives as possible to protect the environment and your loved ones. We strive for excellence in every aspect, which is why we only use the best quality pest control products available. So get in contact with us today and experience the difference we can make for you.


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