Why Jacksonville Homeowners Turn To Lindsey During Mosquito Season

March 12, 2019

mosquito infesting jacksonville florida residence at dawn

Mosquitoes are active in temperatures of 50 degrees and higher. This means we can potentially deal with mosquitoes the majority of the year here in Jacksonville. That’s right, we aren’t the only ones enjoying the milder temperatures!
Since mosquitoes are a pest year-round, this means mosquito control is a must. Lindsey Pest Services has been serving Jacksonville since 1957. We’re trusted to provide excellent care and protection. We’ll partner with you to successfully lower the mosquito populations around your home. To get started, Lindsey offers some tips homeowners can do in our blog, Why Mosquito Season in Florida Lasts Almost Year-Round.

Professional pest control offers many benefits compared to DIY methods.

There are a few benefits to hiring a professional:

  • They can easily identify and locate areas where mosquitoes hide out and dwell on your property.
  • Professionals know where they are likely to gather during the day can lead to successful elimination of adult mosquitoes.
  • They possess the knowledge necessary to successfully eliminate breeding sites. This can be an overwhelming task to tackle on your own. Mosquitoes need little water to breed. Once several tablespoons of water accumulates, you’ve got yourself a breeding ground for these pests.

By treating both existing mosquitoes and breeding areas, you can get closer to your desired outcome. 

Securing Professional Services

Lindsey Pest Services can offer you the mosquito control you’re looking for. If you’re tired of mosquitoes buzzing around while you’re trying to enjoy your time outside, we’re here to help. Where it’s impossible to get the mosquito population down to zero, we can work to get it as low as possible.
At Lindsey Pest, we offer mosquito barrier treatments by using a backpack sprayer to apply treatments and target specific areas. The best part is that the treatments work within 30 minutes! It also lasts for a few weeks. In addition, we offer mosquito breeding site treatments.
Mosquitoes are extremely important to protect against. Not only are they a nuisance and can ruin outdoor time, but they can cause serious illnesses. Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile virus are two common illnesses spread by mosquitoes in Florida. Our previous blog, How to Protect Against Mosquito-Borne Illness,  gives some more helpful tips.
Fewer mosquitoes mean less worry. Call to schedule your free inspection, or chat with us to learn more!


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