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Quality Pest Control In Penney Farms, FL

What pests do you commonly see? Do spiders create webs on your home and make occasional appearances inside your home? Do you see lots of flying insects in your landscaping? Do stink bugs bang into your walls and climb around in your curtains? It is annoying to encounter pests inside your home. That's why they're called pests. But do you know that there are many pests that you don't see? Termites can damage your home right under your nose without you knowing it. Carpet beetles can damage stored items for months or years without getting caught. Cockroaches can lurk in dark voids and tight spaces and come out at night to crawl over counters, cutting boards, dishes, and stored food. The climate in Penney Farms, Florida, is perfect for all insects, bugs, and critters that get into homes and businesses. On most properties, pest pressures are high. If you've been thinking about obtaining Clay County pest control, Lindsey Pest Services is the right choice. Let's look at why this is the case.

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Residential Pest Control In Penney Farms

Our service plans give you coverage for over thirty common pests, and we back these plans with our Pest Free Guarantee. These plans guard your home against the pests you can see and the pests you can't see.

  • Indoor treatments and the sealing of entry points and pest routes get you started on the right foot.
  • A liquid treatment applied to your exterior stops pests from living near your home and keeps them from getting inside your home.
  • Removal of webs and spider sacs reduces spider populations so that you have fewer spiders accidentally getting inside.
  • Detection and removal of wasp nests prevents these insects from surprising you while tending to your landscaping or mowing your lawn.
  • Installation and maintenance of termite bait stations stops subterranean termites by eliminating colonies as they attack your home.
  • Granular yard treatments work to deter crawling pests.
  • Mosquito misting stops mosquitoes from living in your vegetation and other hiding places.

Scientifically designed residential pest control plans give you coverage for groups of pests that can be controlled in similar ways and allows you to get more for your money. Reach out to Lindsey Pest Services today for pest control in Penney Farms and the surrounding area. We can guide you toward the right solution for your property. 

One-Time Only Pest Service

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Commercial Pest Control In Penney Farms

When pests get into commercial environments, rental units, schools, and municipalities, they can hurt your bottom line and do this without you ever seeing them. Your Lindsey Pest Services commercial pest control specialist knows what pests impact your industry and can design an Integrated Pest Management plan to address your pest pressures. Our Five-Star service team defends over 2,000 businesses from pest problems in Penney Farms. Let us create a customized service plan for you.

Bed Bug Control In Penney Farms, FL

Have you heard that it is impossible to prevent bed bugs? There is some truth to this, but it isn't entirely true. We can't promise that you'll never have these hitchhiking pests in your home or business because there is no way to do this, but we can promise that they won't be allowed to become a problem. We use routine inspections and targeted bed bug control to catch bed bugs early and stop them before they spread. 

 Connect with us today to learn more or to get started with a bed bug control plan.

Penney Farms, FL Termite Control 

Termites are elusive pests. They are perhaps the sneakiest pests we have in Penney Farms. If you hope to protect your property from termite damage, you need to know how to detect termite activity. Here are a few suggestions:

  • You may see winged termites in your yard. These winged termites are called swarmers because they gather into a swarm during the mating process. Swarms last for less than five minutes, so you may not see these winged termites together. A swarmer is about ⅜ of an inch long and has stacked wings on its back.
  • You may see worker termites in your yard. When you pick up a dead branch, look underneath. You may get a glimpse of pale-colored worker termites. A worker termite is about ⅛ of an inch long.
  • Inspect your exterior for shelter tubes. These may look like thin, wiggly lines of mud.
  • Inspect your home for frass. Drywood termites create this material when they damage your home. Look for frass leaking out of gaps and cracks.

When you detect termites (or long before you detect termite activity) reach out to Lindsey Pest Service for professional termite control. We arrest termite infestations and provide ongoing termite protection for homes and businesses in Penney Farms. We can help you protect your property.

Effective Mosquito Control In Penney Farms, FL

If you're like most people in Penney Farms, you don't want to share your yard with mosquitoes. Not only are these pests a nuisance, but they can also transmit dangerous diseases like West Nile virus. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep mosquitoes at bay:

  • Eliminate breeding sites. These pests lay their eggs in standing water, so eliminating sources of stagnant water on your property is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes. Be sure to empty out any containers that may hold water, such as flowerpots, pet bowls, and children's toys. You should also regularly clean gutters and downspouts to ensure they're not holding any water.
  • Use mosquito-repellent products when outdoors. There are a variety of mosquito-repellent products available including sprays, lotions, and candles. When using any of these products, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.
  • Install mosquito netting. If you have an outdoor area that you enjoy spending time in, consider installing mosquito netting. This will help keep mosquitoes away from your seating area so you can enjoy being outdoors without worrying about getting bitten.
  • Avoid peak hours. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, so try to avoid being outdoors during these times if possible. If you must be outdoors during these hours, be sure to wear long-sleeved clothing and mosquito-repellent products.

If you have any questions about mosquito control in Penney Farms, or if you need help getting rid of mosquitoes on your property, contact Lindsey Pest Services today. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with the effective mosquito control solutions you need.

Total Rodent Control In Penney Farms, FL

Most people recognize that having rodents in your home is a problem. What they may not realize, however, is just how big of a problem it can be. Not only are mice and rats capable of damaging your property, but these rodents can also spread disease and contaminate your food supply. That’s why it’s so important to take care of a rodent problem as soon as you notice it.

At Lindsey Pest Services, we specialize in comprehensive rodent control in Penney Farms. Here’s everything you need to know about our rodent control services in Penney Farms:

What types of rodents do you deal with?

We deal with all kinds of rodents, including mice, rats, and squirrels. No matter what type of rodent is causing problems in your home, we can help.

What are some signs that I have a rodent problem?

There are a few different signs that you may have a rodent problem in your home, including:

  • Gnaw marks on food containers or furniture
  • Droppings in cupboards or on countertops
  • Scratching noises coming from walls or ceilings
  • Rodents running around in your home

If you notice any of these signs, give us a call right away. The sooner you take care of the problem, the less damage the rodents will be able to do.

How do you get rid of rodents?

We’ll start by doing a thorough inspection to identify all of the places that the rodents are getting in. Once we know where they’re coming from, we can seal up those entry points so that they can’t get back in. We also use traps and baits to catch and kill the rodents that are already in your home. Then, we’ll clean up any droppings or damage that they’ve done and take additional steps to keep them from returning.

If you’re dealing with a rodent problem in your Penney Farms home, call Lindsey Pest Services today. We’ll be happy to come out and take care of the problem for you. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

Flea Control In Penney Farms, FL

When you think of fleas, you may picture these tiny insects jumping around on your pets. While it's true that fleas are a nuisance for both you and your furry friends, what you may not know is that they can also pose a serious threat to your health. Here's what you need to know about fleas in Penney Farms and how Lindsey Pest Services can help keep them under control.

Fleas are more than just a nuisance; they can transmit diseases to both humans and animals. For example, fleas can carry the bacteria that cause typhus and plague. They can also transmit tapeworms to both pets and people. In addition to causing disease, fleas can also trigger allergies in both humans and animals. In humans, this is known as flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). Symptoms of FAD include red, itchy skin, hives, and rashes. In severe cases, the swelling can be so severe that it interferes with breathing. In animals, flea allergies can cause excessive scratching, hair loss, and hot spots.

There are several signs that you may have a flea infestation in your home, including:

  • Fleas on your body or your pet's body
  • Flea dirt (black specks that look like pepper) on your body or your pet's body
  • Fleas in your home, on your furniture, or in your carpeting
  • Your pet excessively scratching or biting itself
  • You or a family member having bites that are red, itchy, and inflamed

If you notice any of these signs, it's important to contact a flea control expert like Lindsey Pest Services right away. We can help eliminate the fleas in your Penney Farms home and prevent them from coming back. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

What Every Penney Farms Homeowner Needs To Know About Honey Bees

Even though they are a vital part of the ecosystem, honey bees can be a real nuisance if they decide to build their hive on your property. Not only can their buzzing be incredibly annoying, but they can also pose a serious threat to you and your family if they feel threatened.

Here are some things you should know about honey bees on your property:

  • Honey bees are attracted to sweet things, so if you have a lot of flowers or fruit trees on your property, they may be more likely to build their hive there.
  • They are also attracted to water, so if you have a swimming pool or birdbath, they may be more likely to build their hive near that as well.
  • While most of the time honey bee stings are just painful, they can be dangerous if you're allergic to them. If you're allergic to bee stings, it's important to seek medical attention immediately after being stung.
  • Honey bees are very protective of their hives and will sting anyone who gets too close. If you see a hive on your property, it's best to stay away from it and call a professional like Lindsey Pest Services to deal with it.
  • Honey bees are important pollinators, so if you have a garden, you may want to consider leaving them be. However, if they are in a place where they are constantly disturbing you or your family, it may be best to have them removed by a professional.

If you're concerned about honey bees on your property, the best thing to do is call a Penney Farms bee pest control professional like Lindsey Pest Services. We are experienced in bee removal and can safely and effectively get rid of them for you. Give us a call today.

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