Eliminating Cockroaches For Good: A Comprehensive Approach For Jacksonville Homes

August 31, 2023

At some point, most homeowners in Jacksonville have the unfortunate experience of flipping on a kitchen light at night and seeing a cockroach quickly running away. If dirty cockroaches frequently find their way into your home, it’s time to learn how to get rid of these pests for good. This blog will explain more about cockroach pest control and how to keep these insects out of the house. 

We’ll describe the most common types of roaches that invade homes and explain the risks they pose to your family. We’ll also provide some prevention tips to help ensure your home stays cockroach-free in the future. Keep reading to learn more about effective cockroach control with the experts at Lindsey Pest Services.

american cockroach in door way

Types Of Cockroaches: Identifying Common Species

The first step in handling any pest problem is proper identification. The following list describes the most common types of cockroaches that infest Jacksonville homes:

  • American cockroaches are large, ranging from 1 1/4 to 2 1/8 inches long, are reddish-brown, and have a yellowish figure-eight pattern on the back of the head.
  • German cockroaches are between 1/2 and 5/8 of an inch long, light brown to tan, and have two dark stripes on their backs, just behind the head.
  • Asian cockroaches appear almost identical to the German species but have longer, narrower wings and are more likely to fly.

If you need assistance identifying or eliminating cockroaches in your home, contact us at Lindsey Pest Services. Our pros can help eradicate these pests and prevent them from coming back.

Health Risks Of Cockroaches: Understand The Dangers They Pose

Cockroaches are one pest that deserves its bad reputation. These insects spend their time outdoors among decaying animals, in sewers, and around garbage. Their bodies and spiny legs pick up pathogens in these places, which they can then transfer to your food and the surfaces in your house.

Additionally, cockroach droppings in your home, along with their saliva and urine, can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. The larger the infestation, the more likely people will experience health issues. Contact Lindsey Pest Services for help getting rid of roaches and protecting your family from their risks.

Professional Cockroach Extermination: When To Call The Experts

The bad news is, if you see one cockroach in the house, there are likely many more hiding there. These pests are social creatures that breed rapidly, and infestations can become severe. Contacting a cockroach exterminator in Jacksonville, like Lindsey Pest Services, at the first sign of roaches can help you quickly eliminate them before the problem worsens.

Preventing Cockroach Infestations: Tips For A Roach-Free Home

Cockroaches may be common pests in Jacksonville, but they are not inevitable. After we eliminate your cockroach infestation, you can take steps to ensure they don’t return. Here are some pro tips for preventing cockroaches in your house:

  • Install mesh screens over vents and drains.
  • Seal cracks and crevices on the exterior of your house.
  • Seal gaps around electric sockets and switch plates in the house.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy, especially in eating areas.
  • Address moisture issues, like leaking pipes.
  • Ensure there is adequate ventilation in attics and crawl spaces.

The most effective way to get rid of cockroaches and prevent them from returning is to team up with a local company that offers cockroach extermination services. The pros at Lindsey Pest Services have the expertise to help you determine how roaches are getting inside and the best way to eliminate them. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection. 


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