Everything You Need To Know About Flying Ants In Your Florida Home

June 26, 2020

Aren't ants typically crawling species that invade homes and picnics looking for food? Have you noticed flying ants in our around your home? Flying ants aren't a unique ant species. Rather, ant colonies exist in a caste system, and one group includes reproductives. When a colony reaches a desired size, male and female reproductive members will perform a nuptial flight. They will grow wings, emerge from the colony, and mate. 

a flying ant on white patio chair

What Attracts Flying Ants Into Your Home?

The appearance of flying ants typically indicates the beginning of the ant mating season. As ants look to mate and expand their numbers, if you have a colony nearby, you will likely see flying ants. The flying ants may appear inside your house for a number of reasons. They may be attracted to the bright lights of your home or searching for food. 

When ants emerge from the colony to mate and swarm, they do so efficiently. Sometimes, swarming only lasts for a few hours, and flying ants come and go without being seen. That is why it is important to recognize the sign that you have had an ant swarm visit your home. After swarmers mate, they shed their wings. You may find shed ant wings near entry points of the home such as windows or doors.

Ant swarmers are commonly confused for swarming termites. Like termites, they have two sets of wings. However, unlike termites, their wings differ in size; one set is larger than the other. Therefore, if you find their shed wings near windowsills or doorways, inspect them carefully. You can even save them and contact an entomologist to help with species identification.

Are Flying Ants Attracted To Light?

Like most insects, flying ants could be potentially attracted to bright light and heat. We recommend using dark curtains during peak pest season and turning off any outdoor lights in the yard and patio when you aren't outside.

Are Flying Ants Dangerous?

Although carpenter ants can chew through wood resulting in property damage over time, flying ants are not typically dangerous. They are not likely to bite, and they are not poisonous. They are, however, annoying, and a swarm of flying ants could potentially be a sign of or lead to an infestation.

How Long Do Flying Ants Stay Around? 

Though the bulk of the swarm happens quickly, flying ants will linger on your property for a little while. The larger swarms of flying ants will appear over the first few days as they all leave their nests, but some of them can stick around for a bit longer as they search for a mating partner. The majority of flying ants should disappear from your property after a couple of weeks.

If you start seeing flying ants in or around your home, it's best to contact a professional as this may be a sign of a larger infestation. Fortunately, the experts at Lindsey Pest Services have the knowledge and experience to tackle any ant problem. Reach out to us today with any of your pest questions and to schedule your free inspection. 


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