Why Are German Cockroaches In Jacksonville So Terrible?

January 29, 2021

Whether it be your home or business in Jacksonville, cockroaches don’t care. All these buggers want is a warm place to stay and access to food. Of all the roaches in America, the most common invader in the state of Florida is none other than the German Cockroach. Smaller in size than most of its kind, the German Cockroach may vary in color from tan to charcoal, but they always sport streaks between their head and wings, a telltale sign of the species.

german cockroach on bread

Dangers And Difficulties Of The German Cockroach

Everyone knows that cockroaches are gross and hard to kill, but why is this the case? What makes the German Cockroach, specifically, such a threat to losing your lunch or taking over your Jacksonville property? Cockroaches are often considered the dirtiest of all pests, crawling up from the sewers to find new houses and businesses to infest and scurrying away at the first sight of light. The German Cockroach is a carrier for more than just the substances it can drag up from the sewers. Roaches are perhaps more illustrious carriers of diseases than any other kind of pest, with countless bacterial infections under their antennae, including Food Poisoning, Staphylococcus, Diarrhea, E. Coli, and Dysentery.

As anyone who has dealt with an infestation of German Cockroaches can tell you, these tenacious pests are incredibly difficult to kill. You try and squish them? Their tough exoskeleton holds up and they scurry off. You somehow cut off their head? The creepy little crawly isn’t likely to die for another two weeks. You spray them point blank with a store brand insecticide? Whether because they can hold their breaths for minutes at a time or their sped-up immunization processes, a cockroach is likely to act as though they aren’t even phased. Needless to say, the German Cockroach is a survivor. If you want to kill them, you’re going to need more than a broom.

Tips For Keeping German Cockroaches Out Of Your Jacksonville Home

If you don’t want a family of German Cockroach immigrating into your beautiful Jacksonville home, don’t fret! Whether it be removing attractive features or simply assuring the proverbial door is closed, there’s always something you can do to help keep pesky roaches away.

  • Limit the places you bring food through the house as much as possible, and in the spaces you do eat, sweep the floor on a regular basis. There is nothing the German Cockroach loves more than free food on the floor.
  • Don’t let your garage or attic become packed, as the few empty spaces there are can become brilliant cover for a family of German Cockroaches looking to hide away. Clear away clutter, especially cardboard, a material roaches particularly enjoy.
  • Roaches may try to climb up into your Jacksonville home through the pipes, as they provide plenty of life-sustaining moisture and a dark, warm environment. If your sink strainers, however, keep accumulating food crumbs, you might as well give the pests a pillow to sleep on. Clean out your sinks on a regular basis.
  • Use the German Cockroach’s heightened sense of smell against them! Repellents can sometimes be effective, but since roaches hate the scent of cinnamon and peppermint oils, spray the stuff around and see them run the other way!

The best way to keep out or get rid of German cockroaches is with professional assistance, and in Jacksonville, Florida, those professionals are the accomplished pest control specialists at Lindsey Pest Services. Contact us now to see what Lindsey Pest Services can do for you!


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