Dangerous Spiders Invading Greater-Jacksonville Homes

Not all spiders are created equal, especially here in Jacksonville. While we have many spider species in our area that can become pests, two spiders, in particular, can be quite harmful to us when they find their way into our homes. Black widow spiders have potent venom that could have you taking a trip to the hospital if you are bitten, and brown recluse spiders can inflict a bite wound with necrotic properties, meaning the flesh around the bite wound could begin to rot and will require medical attention. In addition, if a brown recluse bites you in a sensitive location, it could result in disfigurement. For these reasons, neither of these spiders should ever be allowed to live in your yard, or worse, inside your home. Here are some insights that can help you make your home and yard more resistant to these spiders.

a black widow spider in web at a home in jacksonville beach florida

The most common reason that spiders enter our homes is that something attracts them to the exterior walls of our homes, and they stumble across an entry point into our homes. To keep these dangerous spiders out of your home, your goal should be to prevent both of these things from happening!

Removing Spider Attractants

  • Piles of brush, wood, leaves, and construction materials, as well as stacks of other organic material, will lure venomous spiders like black widows and brown recluse spiders into your yard. To deter these spiders from your home, keep these items away from your exterior walls.
  • Venomous spiders prey on larger bugs than common house spiders, and most other non-venomous spiders do. Therefore, the more of these bugs you have around your home, the more attractive it will be to black widows and brown recluse spiders. Many conditions can draw large insects (beetles, grasshoppers, cockroaches, etc.) to a home, and moisture issues are on the top of that list! If you have a broken gutter or a leaky spigot, those insects will take notice; they're also fond of damp, shaded locations. In addition, the more vegetation you have surrounding your home, the more attractive your landscaping will be to invading insects, not to mention that having more vegetation will also lead to more moisture as those plants provide shade and have to be watered to survive. However, if you keep your bushes, shrubs, and other plants trimmed back, it can allow the sunlight and airflow to reach the soil and dry it out more quickly.
  • If you have outdoor lights, these can attract flying insects. And there are many species of flying insects that make the food source for venomous spiders. To keep these spiders away, consider replacing white bulbs with yellow, insect-resistant bulbs. It also helps to keep your shades drawn at night to keep the light from inside your home from attracting those flying insects.
  • Flying insects as well as cockroaches and many other insects that black widow spiders enjoy feeding on congregate around trash receptacles, especially if they're without lids or dirty; keep your exterior trash sealed and your receptacles clean to keep these insects, and therefore spiders, away from your home.

Excluding Spiders

  • Inspect window and door screens and replace or repair any screens with holes or tears to prevent spider entry.
  • Inspect window and door frames for any gaps or holes; use a caulking gun to seal things up and keep black widows and brown recluse spiders out.
  • Inspect your foundation perimeter for cracks or chips; if you find any, use mortar to seal them.
  • Look for any gaps around plumbing, wire conduit, and other objects that pass through your exterior walls and seal them.
  • Fix or replace any damaged weather stripping around exterior doors.

Spider Control

It is wise to invest in routine visits from a pest control professional for the best possible results. There are many advantages to having an experienced and educated professional take care of your pest control needs, including:

  • Professionals know which products to use and how much of those products to use. Far too often, DIY treatments end up creating more of a threat to the family than the venomous spiders do.
  • Professionals use methods that industry experts have established to make your property less attractive to spiders.
  • Professionals know the common areas that spiders hide and what conditions are conducive to spider habitation. These conditions can be altered to change the behavior patterns and populations of the invading spiders.
  • When venomous spiders establish themselves inside a home or on a property, a professional will follow detailed protocols to track, capture, and remove those spiders. They can employ measures to monitor for spider activity when necessary. This ensures that there is no continued spider activity in your home.

If you've seen venomous spiders in your Jacksonville yard, or worse, inside your home, we can help you resolve that problem! At Lindsey Pest Services, we are proud to be in the less than 3% of companies in the United States that adhere to the highest standards in the pest control industry and have earned the distinction of being QualityPro Certified by the National Pest Management Association. The QualityPro Seal is your assurance that you'll get the highest level of service and the best solution for your pest problem. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance!


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